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Okay kiddies we're off to another adventure, a little more toned down on account of such short notice.  Danger contacts Stag161 another old school king who also now lives in Florida, emails fly back and forth the next thing you know we're arranging another gathering in Orlando, Florida so we scoop up Flint he says where and when.  Tracy we find in da funnie pages of the Sunday paper they both try and book a flight.  There all sold out on short notice so danger tells Flint hey bro nobody knows your secret but its going to have to let it out the bag now so Tracy throws a bag together and jumps on flints back he takes his secret agent glasses off and off they wisk thru the sky at 600 mph and land at Tampa where Gil and Claudia our newest secret weapon of the old school kings zip over to dangers pad where they reminisce and frolic in da pool.  Three walls have been commissioned in Orlando where Danger , Iz The Wiz and Andrea, our friendly photographer take Thor64 along (Danger's brother) who started at the ripe age of 6 and quit at 7 years old and still has the same style.  Stag161 approaches the group with an ear-to-ear smile, a few beers, a barbecue and then there off!  Naturally, Tracy has to burn us all as we tag up, our comrades have a great time and  photos near a toot toot an old locomotive,,,thanks to RV 1 who also wrote political signs all over the city some years back.  Stag161 throws out a mean burner all da boys have a great time!  Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure.  Damn........ will we ever grow up?  Hell no! ~ Danger59





IZZY the all time king of " BOMBING"






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