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WELL,WELL,WELL, here we go again old skool kingz off to paint again ,nothing but fun excitement, and side spiliting laughs, all weekend long, getting all to arrange for a gathering.. NO problem DANGER picks up the phone calls ROGER, soon as he hears DANGER's voice, you can hear his smile and they just crack up laughing, and reply's where and when, INK.76,has the batphone to contact DANGER directly, he calls and reply's where we going papi? STAYHIGH149 for most iz difficult to find for most (BAMM) DANGER hits him on the bat phone and some one iz wisked off to pick him up where ever he iz, DEADLEG167 soon to follow, his reply you all gots paint, DANGER reply's don’t be silly kid…100 cans of paint 100 cans of beer. that’s the way it bees.  coincidently TERO hits DANGER on the cell hey Rolando wasup? old skool reply's another paint fest. TERO fly"s in from Norway his home for the last 25 years…FLINTand DANGER in contact all week long working on projects that will be coming to life in this upcoming year, will usually change his very busy schedule to hangout like a bunch of rowdy outta control teens from yesteryear…FARGO who partnered up with DANGER and DASH.TK back in art class in 1974 use to run off to Coney island yard for a bit of daytime Ridgie bashing, well that’s art too…..FARGO also reply's where and when, he also brings a hefty supply of krylon, unlike SPAR who shows when he can prefers belton, he kicks off that retro crazy 80s to 90s piece but iz very diversified to any time frame, and happens to be one of the most knowledgeable in the entire graff movement, along with Gil from subway outlaws who iz also very talented…then we have the grand daddy of wild and krazy guyz…" TRACY 168 " who was an all city king from the very beginning, a lot of writers threw up a crown on there piece, Tracy did not have too in the 70s there were no fewer than 50,000 kids trying to get up, but none made it with whole cars and charismatic conglomeration of pieces characters and longevity as Michael Tracy did…DANGER only has one thing to say about TRACY..  WOO WOO. Then we find guys like DIAL 167 from the 4s and 6s from uptown wanting to

get down with the old skool kingz. so he hangs when possible,,, one of our newest secret weapons an old skool king from Puerto Rico antonio prisco,with phenominal talent prisco and tracy are inseperable and both admires each others work,, enjoy the pics many more to come,,,and  remember rule#1 OLD SKOOL KINGZ RULE. rule#2 see rule #1 and rule #3 you cant change history………………PEACE.










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